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Hostility, smiling and elicited emotional experiences: Considerations for health outcomes.
Coping and post-traumatic stress in male firefighters.
Exploring and redefining home visitability with the Scia'new and Esquimalt Nations
An enquiry into vocational rehabilitation services provided by WorkSafe BC: Perspective of the injured worker.
Experiences of decision makers in the workers' compensation system: Impact of gender on return to work decisions.
A multi-method investigation of the Prevention and Early Active Return-to-Work Safely (PEARS) program in the Northern Health Authority.
Bullying in small town service providers in northern British Columbia: The experience of executive directors and putting theory into practice.
Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate in Employment: Stakeholders' Knowledge and Attitudes.
Evaluating the RECOVER model as an effective early intervention progam [sic]
Effects of Autistic Spectrum Disorder on parental work outcomes.
An examination of the perceptions of functional capacity evaluations in Prince George, British Columbia: A case study.
Work-life balance for parents with low incomes.
Elements for a supportive and inclusive employment program for trans individuals in Vancouver (located on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples)