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Unit rate contracts: is it a model for oil sands projects?
Ups and downs: creating a culture of engagement at a small airline
Engaging success: a qualitative analysis of the prospective benefits of implementing gainsharing in British Columbia's pulp and paper industry
The use of technology and the internet in the adaptive business and marketing strategies for the sustainability of small to medium sized travel agencies
Private rapid response fire and rescue unit RESC-U commercial viability
Supply chain management for pharmacy services in the Northern Health Authority
Social media as business ecosystem: modeling users' adoption of social networking sites
BRIC and Canada's dependence: impact of manufacturing costs
Key value propositions, sustainable business models, and technological influences on the online grocery market in North America
Are earnings more volatile under IFRS?
Identifying the target market and how they define value: Innovative Fitness Langley
Assessing the efficacy of Northern Health's Respect in the Workplace program
Dynamic correlation between selected world major stock markets and commodity markets.
Declining union density in Canada: reasons and strategies for renewal
Exploring a new service model for supplying specialty chemicals
Key performance measures in the BC Sheriff Service
Islamic finance and its relevance to Canadian financial system
Financial viability of switching propane heat to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in rural northern communities