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The issues and concerns facing aboriginal people in healthcare in Canada
Interruption of an immersive experience in an ethnic restaurant
The influence of job and community satisfaction on retention of public health nurses in rural British Columbia.
Estimating the relationship between BRICS and U.S. stock index returns using panel regression methods
Exploring economic development and business strategy: considerations for economic development officers in rural Canadian resource-based communities
Business cycles and accounting quality.
Accounting restatements: Market and liquidity impacts.
An analysis of earnings management: A comparison of seven countries.
Social media as business ecosystem: modeling users' adoption of social networking sites
Business cycles and earnings management.
Time to change the focus of the conversation between First Nations and mining companies, from a positional based approach to an interest based approach
Is portfolio rebalancing good for investors?
Technical analysis of ETF portfolio rebalancing strategy.
Can Chinese state owned enterprises fulfill both social and corporate objectives?
Dynamic correlation between selected world major stock markets and commodity markets.
Determinants of capital structure of Nigerian non -- financial firms.
The influence of Facebook visual images on hiring by professional recruiters.
Earnings management of publicly listed companies in Nigeria.
Gap analysis for the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters
Financial and operational performance of banks in Ghana: 2004-2012