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Animals are People Too: An Ecocritical Exploration of Fantasy in Environmental Children's Literature
Identifying at-risk youth: strategies to help them succeed
The long-term relational impacts of child sexual abuse by a parent
Collaborative processes in teacher teams
The experiences of emergency nurses working during situations of crowding
The contribution of wild food experiences to sense of place in McBride, British Columbia
Supporting aboriginal students in special education for high school completion
An educator's guide to self-regulation in the early elementary years
Guided reading: a manual for grade 1 educators
Transformational change and the role of social work
Clinical social work: trauma informed practice and arts based programs
The importance of teacher social and emotional competence to the development of prosocial classrooms: the role of teacher preparation
Closing the gap: reflections on school social work and decolonizing practice
Improving assessment of perinatal depression in adolescents: an integrative literature review
Intercultural competence of Chinese postsecondary students in Canada
"Physically We are a Mighty Nation, Nationally We are Children" - Conscription and Identity in Canada, 1940-1945
Women's Experiences of laws, policies and practices in response to VAWIR: whose rights are maintained?
Surviving childhood trauma: First Nations novels and the Indian residential school
Exploring and redefining home visitability with the Scia'new and Esquimalt Nations
The role of nurse practitioners in primary care in optimizing risk stratification for coronary heart disease in Canadian women: an integrative review