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Microfinance mission drift---a study of microfinance institutions in Asia and Latin America.
Bridging the gap: a collaborative approach to developing an oral language program for early primary children
A collection of aboriginal stories and wisdoms for counsellor development
Development of a business tool to evaluate the Northern Health Connections program
Do you know what you know?: Perspectives on traditional ecological knowledge
The experience of assessing risk by child protection workers in the north region of British Columbia
River of knowledge: First nations post-secondary success along Lisims.
Ensemble simulation and forecasting of South Asian Monsoon.
Singing to remember, singing to heal: Ts'msyen music in public schools.
A neural network model of the primary visual cortex.
Inverse scale invariant feature transform models for object recognition and image tagging.
Go to the river: Understanding and experiencing the Liard watershed.
The experience of hope for domestic violence support workers.
Assessment of optimum snowmelt model complexity, Cariboo Highlands, British Columbia, Canada.
The effect of substrate rearing on the growth, development, and survival of larval white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) during early ontogeny.
Establishing a culture of workplace health and safety: the Northern Health way