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Veteran's Affairs Wellness Kit: Discussions with fire fighters.
An enquiry into vocational rehabilitation services provided by WorkSafe BC: Perspective of the injured worker.
Association between acute myocardial infarction and periodontitis: A case-control study with north Indian population.
Coping and post-traumatic stress in male firefighters.
The prevalence and contribution of work related issues in Short Term Disability claims.
Work-life balance for parents with low incomes.
Associations between sleep duration and indicators of cardio-metabolic disease in Canadian children and adolescents.
Exploring a child's developmental diagnosis: an interpretive description of parents' experiences in northern British Columbia
An investigation of the rescue personality in firefighter recruits.
Effects of Autistic Spectrum Disorder on parental work outcomes.
Assessing occupational stress in the Canadian multicultural workplace.
Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate in Employment: Stakeholders' Knowledge and Attitudes.