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The Canada-United States softwood lumber dispute:  A look at the state of certain economic and political indicators and their relationship to the outcome of disputes.
Does China need a more flexible exchange rate?
The struggle to create a market economy in Russia
New institutional economics (NIE): a possible theoretical foundation for the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)?
An analysis of China's entry into the WTO on the Chinese economy
Grassroots development in El Salvador
Two essays on foreign direct investment and food security in Nigeria: A mixed methods approach.
The role of gender in the conceptualization of economic distortions in World Bank and International Monetary Fund structural adjustment programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa
What are the prospects of China signing FTAs in Africa?
Challenges and opportunities for the production of ethanol from MPB killed biomass in Interior BC
The impact of government policy on the evolution of the forest industries of New Zealand and Uruguay: an industry perspective
Enhancing community investment in Canada: what can be learned from the U.S.?
The Port of Prince Rupert: opportunities and challenges for small business in BC's northern corridor
Toward an understanding of religious organizations and social capital in Canada
A Canadian perspective of China's energy needs