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The relationship between hemodialysis patients' fluid compliance and selected socio-demographic factors in Northern Alberta, Canada
The lived experience of sensing the presence of the deceased
Meaning-making in 'outsider art' as a reflection of stigma and marginalization in mental illness.
Addressing chlamydia in middle aged and older women in rural and northern British Columbia
Carving out a place: Establishing a new nurse practitioner practice in rural and remote Canada.
Perspectives of urban Aboriginal people with diabetes regarding appropriate health services.
Rural acute care nursing in British Columbia and Alberta: An interpretive description of professionalism.
The influence of job and community satisfaction on retention of public health nurses in rural British Columbia.
Transition of care from acute psychiatric care to primary care
Addressing quality of worklife: Examining horizontal workplace bullying behaviors in nursing.
What factors influence the practice of community-based participatory health research in the Canadian Arctic?
It's complicated: staff nurse perceptions of their influence on nursing students' learning