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Are earnings more volatile under IFRS?
British Columbia's coroner system: a model for public governance
Agency costs of multiple directorships: Toronto Stock Exchange - 2007-2008
Gitxsan alternative governance model -- will it work
A balanced scorecard approach to fibre supply for Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
Time to change the focus of the conversation between First Nations and mining companies, from a positional based approach to an interest based approach
Viability of forest carbon projects on private land in Central British Columbia
Corporate governance structures of business entities in Aboriginal communities
What is the impact of the crude oil price index on the performance of oil and gas firms?
Business cycles and profit warnings: over and under reaction of U.S. firms, according to size and industry 1995-2009
Shareholder rights: a comparative study of codes around the world
First Nations governance: a case study of the Tl'etinqox-t'in
Governance and administration in Canadian universities
Accounting restatements: Market and liquidity impacts.
A cross plant comparison of an ERP/MRP system
Financial accounting for emissions trading schemes
Business cycles and accounting quality.