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Perceived impact of physical activity on health and wellness of older adults in Northern British Columbia.
Exploring gambling among seniors in rural British Columbia: sociodemographic and mental health correlates
The experience of assessing risk by child protection workers in the north region of British Columbia
Pity or pedestal?: perceptions and practices of chronic disease and disability in hospital social work
A right to housing for people experiencing mental health issues
Teachers in British Columbia: examining the experience of reporting suspected parental child abuse
A search for community-based responses to partner abuse in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Expanding the social safety net through experiential learning: short term crisis intervention, looking beyond numbers
Health needs of older women in nothern British Columbia.
Gifts, talents and challenges: Untapped potential of adults with FASD.
Spinning a northern web:  Women using information and communication technology to network for health and wellness.
Canadian social work at the intersection of feminism, ecology and cultural anti-oppression: Making hope into giant rivers flowing.
Dementia and Northern caregiving.
Representations of social justice in social work blogs and the paradoxes of bridging theory in practice.
What's the link: An exploration of recovery and social support for individuals living with a mental illness.
Burden as the bridge to resiliency in mental illness: Effectiveness of the Strengthening Families Together family education intervention.
Abandonment or autonomy: How do social workers know the difference?