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The utilization of chess to enhance children's academic performance: an integrative review
Beyond installation: Effective use of interactive whiteboards in Yukon classrooms.
An evaluation of the Healthy Beginnings pilot projects in central Vancouver Island
The effectiveness of student response systems on engagement and achievement in high school science instruction
Job satisfaction: assessing the impact of initiating a professional learning community at Carney Hill Community School
Educational counselling and the cool imperative: an integrative-interpretive review
Serving elementary students' instructional needs with video tutorials
An evaluation of an educational upgrading program
What do victims of violent crime need: a comparison of victims' and counsellors' Q sorts
Supports and barriers that impact on high risk grade 12 students
Learning styles of adult upgrading students : performance using Plato software
The quest for lively nonfiction writing: how do we help students get there?
Intergenerational programming: attitudes of children and perceptions of older adult participants
A study of the work experience commitments and academic achievements of high school students